Footloose: Cast List


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First of all, a big THANK YOU to all who auditioned for this exciting show! The panel thought that all the auditions were fantastic and they thoroughly enjoyed the day. A big WELL DONE to all who managed to get a part, we’re so pleased to have such a talented cast on board for this show! We honestly couldn’t have asked for more and now really can’t wait to get started! :)

Audition Results

VI MOORE Lorraine Bottomley
LULU WARNICKER Rachel Green-Ainslie
RUSTY Tara May
URLEEN Kat Rooke
WENDY JO Molly Tello
LYLE Josh Borley
TRAVIS Sam Parkins
COP Alex Budd
BETTY BLAST Michelle Fisher
JETER Alex Budd
BICKLE Brad Boxall
GARVIN Tom Watson
COWBOY BOB Daniel Goode
COWGIRL Nicola Edwards
CHOIR Mel, Amy, Hannah, Michelle, Rachel, Nicola
DANCERS Emily Frazer, Chloe Frazer, Keeley Frazer, Susie Greenslade, Kylie Hollingsworth, Heidi Whinnett, Katie Parker, Amelia Penelope, Kerry Stone

Footloose: AUDITIONS!


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EHOS will “cut loose” for the September 2014 show with the musical adaptation of the 1984 classic movie “Footloose”.

25th – 27th September, 2014 at Broxbourne Civic Hall
Box Office: 01992 441946 or email

You must be a member of EHOS in order to audition. Membership is £10 and you will be able to become a member on the day of auditions if you have not already renewed.
The first meeting will be held at Unit 21 (Google Map)

The production fee for this show is £45 and will be payable by 1st of August

Thur 1st May – First Meeting @ 20:00 at Unit 21
Wed 7th May – Pre-Audition – Acting workshop I @ 20:00 – 22:00 at Unit 21
Thur 8th May – Pre-Audition – Dancing workshop I @ 20:00 – 22:00 at Unit 21
Wed 14th May – Pre-Audition – Acting workshop II @ 20:00 – 22:00 at Unit 21
Thur 15th May – Pre-Audition -Dancing workshop II & Dancing recap @ 20:00 – 22:00 at Unit 21

Wed 21st May – PRINCIPLES AUDITIONS! 20:00-22:00 at Unit 21
Thur 22nd May – CHORUS+ENSAMBLE AUDITIONS! 20:00-22:00 at Unit 21

Email Hailey Budd for the relevant audition piece of your character(s). If you are auditioning for multiple parts, it is expected that you learn at least ONE of the audition pieces and read the others.
Choose and learn your own song that is NOT from Footloose. The song should match the style of your character. It is recommended that you learn an upbeat pop song and a strong ballad type song to show your range and contrast. You will not be expected to learn and sing the whole song – But display enough to show your range.
Basic Dance – To be taught by Nicole at the Dance workshops noted above (NOTE: Certain principles like Ren and Ariel will be required to learn and perform an advanced dance routine in the auditions, the advanced dance routine will be taught at the dancing workshops noted above)

Group Song (to be taught by Leon on TBC)
Basic Dance – To be taught by Nicole


DIRECTOR Hailey Budd

Bye-Bye Bugsy!


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EHOS’s “Bugsy Malone” has just closed at our regular spring-time venue Vicky Hall

This show has a nostalgic connection with “children of the 80′s” but is such a fun musical that it’s loved by all ages! It deals with quite a dark and challenging subject as the audience are transported back to the 1920′s era of rival gangsters and whacking (cleverly converted to “splurging”) but pays homage to the classic routes of Commedia dell’Arte and Vaudeville with the slapstick, zany characters and numbers. There were plenty of enthusiastic auditionees who were eager to fill the many roles and cameos.

Everyone had great fun on stage as memories of when they first performed the show came flooding back to many cast members. It was also a great chance for a few of the “adults” to live their dreams if they missed out during their childhood! The Audiences reported many moments of laughter and hilarity with many stating that it brought tears to their eyes (tears of joy, we hope). The songs are well-known and range from big show numbers to solemn ballads – Not always easy to pull off effectively in the confined Vicky Hall, but all went well.

Hailey Budd and her husband Alex Budd took the roles of Tallulah and Bugsy Malone and continued their excellent chemistry from RENT. Other roles were filled by Cera as Blousy Brown and Nicola Edwards as Fizzy – Her rendition of “Tommorrow” was noted as very emotional and stirring! Ian Greenwood and Danny Hurley played off each other brilliantly as Fat Sam and Dandy Dan. Daniel Goode and Matt Hudson were also mentioned as being particularly hilarious with their characters!

A lot of fun was had by all involved, both off and on stage and everyone can’t wait to get started on Footloose next!

Bugsy Malone Page >

Congratulations Nic & Sam!


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2013 Winners - Nic & Sam

A huge win for the newbies of Strictly EHOS for 2013! A big congratulations to Nicola Edwards & Sam Parkins. Their Argentine Tango had incredible technical footwork along with a massive wedge of moody stares and seduction. The passion was so intense they looked about ready to tear each other’s clothes off! Sam even managed to flirt with one of the Judges mid dance which resulted in a great spinning maneouver with a tie.

All the dances were exceptionally good in either technicality and/or entertainment! (considering everyone’s dancing ability) and that was reflected in the close scores awarded by the judges. It was a great evening of ballroom dancing and thoroughly enjoyed by the audience!

Strictly EHOS 2013


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Get your dancing shoes ready for the 2nd Series of Strictly EHOS.

EHOS members put their name forward on AGM night and were drawn out a partner to dance with, the couple then draw out whether they do “Ballroom” or “Latin” styles. They then have 8 weeks to come up with a Ballroom or Latin dance in the hope of winning the fabulous Glitterball Trophy. Last year was incredible and hilarious entertainment for both the right and wrong reasons… One not to be missed. After the excitement of last year has waned, please expect the dances to be poorer quality this year.


Saturday 7th December, 2013 at Broxbourne United Reform Church, 19:30

£11.00 including a Chicken & Chips or Sausage & Chips Supper.
All tickets MUST be pre-ordered to accomodate food orders


Hailey Budd & Nigel Fruin
Elyssa Dean & Haydn “Peanut” Boxall
Michelle Fisher & Lorenzo Culora
Susie Greenslade & Ian Greenwood
Helen Fruin & Matthew Hudson
Nicole Taylor & Brad Boxall
Mel Ryde & Marco Ward
Nicola Edwards & Sam Parkins
Cera Rose Pickering & Daniel Goode

2013 Awards


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At the recent EHOS AGM, the winners of the ‘best in show’ awards were announced.

Congratulations go to the following:

The Darling Buds of May [March 2013]
Best Performer – Danny Hurley (Cedric “Charley” Charlton)
Greatest Contribution to the show – Deborah King (Production Assistant)

RENT [September 2013]
Best Performer – Lorenzo Culora (Tom Collins)
Greatest Contribution to the show – Brad Boxall (Performer / Emergency Stage Crew)
Special Recognition went to Craig Gray who stepped in to play the part of Angel with 48 hours rehearsal! (and was incidentally singled out in the Mercruy review as a standout role!)

Bugsy Malone: Auditions!


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The Audition dates for Bugsy Malone have been announced!

3rd – 5th April, 2014 at Victoria Hall Theatre
Box Office: 01992 479188

You must be a member of EHOS in order to audition. Membership is £10 and you will be able to become a member on the day of auditions if you have not already renewed.
The first meeting will be held at Unit 12 (Google Map) However, from the 1st October we will be switching to Unit 21 (Google Map)

NOTE: Adult Cast!
Wednesday 25th September – First Get Together @ 19:30 at Unit 12
Thursday, 26th September – Pre-audition rehearsal @ 19:30 at Unit 12

Thursday, 3rd October – Pre-audition rehearsal @ 19:30 at NEW Unit 21

Sunday, 6th October – AUDITIONS! from 12noon onwards at the NEW Unit 21

For more information contact Haydn Boxall (Peanut) on 07961932816 or

The Show fee is £25 to be paid by 1st February.

Roaring Applause for RENT!


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The curtains have just closed on EHOS’s spectacular production of RENT! Performed for the first time at Broxbourne Civic Hall.

The auditions garnered huge interest with a large number of hopefuls gathering at EHOS HQ. It was noted that the quality of auditions was extremely high and the audition panel had some tough choices to make when it came to selecting the principle roles. After many hours of deliberating, most of the roles had been cast, with the exception of homosexual, drum playing transvestite “Angel” – This was always going to be a difficult part to fill…The lure of an Am dram company putting on a fresh and Modern musical brought a great number of new members into the EHOS family (plus a few old familiar faces making a return!)

In order to develop the amazing sound for the big, emotional numbers in the show, director Matt Hudson wanted a larger than normal chorus than you would have for RENT. And so almost all who attended the auditions were drafted into the large throng of Bohemians, tramps and junkies. Amongst these chorus members, the principle dancers were selected for Kylie Hollingsworth to whip into shape!

An Angel was eventually found and rehearsals began with eagerly learning the words of the songs and developing the harmonies for the large numbers before turning onto the blocking of the show. Rehearsals were put on hold for a few weeks as cast and production team had to cope with a sad event, which reminded all involved in the show just how precious, but fragile life is. The themes of RENT tragically echoed the outside world and when the team finally looked to that old theatre cliché of “The show must go on”, it seemed to add extra emotion to the big, swelling ballads of the show.

Tickets were slow in booking and a large effort was made to sell the show via social media, word of mouth, radio spots, flyers, Elaine Paige and even a Flash Mob at the Brookfield Tesco (A first for EHOS!). The combined publicity certainly got the message out there and audiences rose to wonderfully large numbers, often delaying the start of the show due to a queue at the box office!

A large thanks should be given to Craig Gray, who, due to an unfortunate turn of events had an incredibly short amount of time to take over the role of that challenging “Angel” part for the last two nights of the run. He grasped the role that he had been reluctant to take on during the casting stages with gusto and confidence and earned that special Am-dram medal for saving a show!

The emotional rollercoaster was gratefully received with rave reviews from audience members who, whilst confused over the story, were blown away by the powerful performances from the cast.

RENT! Page >

RENT: Auditions!


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The Audition dates for RENT have been announced!

Thank you to all who attended our first round of auditions – Cast list will be posted shortly

All the meetings below will be held at the Unit (Google Map)

Show Fee (Every cast member pays this regardless of size of role): £45.00

SECOND AUDITION FOR THE PART OF ‘ANGEL’ – Thursday 23rd May, 2013 @ 19:30 at the Unit


Tuesday 30th April, 2013 – First Get Together @ 19:30
Thursday 2nd May, 2013 – Pre-Audition Workshop @ 19:30
Wednesday 8th May, 2013 – Audition Rehearsal – MAIN PARTS (NOT BENNY) @ 19:30
Thursday 9th May, 2013 – Audition Rehearsal – ALL AUDITIONEES @ 19:30
Sunday 12th May, 2013 – AUDITIONS!
12pm MAINS
* All mains must expect to stay until the end as you may be recalled in different pairings.

For more information on the story and the characters, please visit the show page HERE